Bilge İnox is a leading company that mainly addresses the industrial kitchen sector, which makes deep drawing and stainless parts. It directs the sector with an annual transaction volume of 5000 tons. You can review the main items from our catalog .

Our Policy

As Bilge Inox, our main goals in household type and commercial stainless steel kitchenware that we produce are,

  • to adopt and apply quality as the main objective.
  • bring the success we achieved in the domestic market to the foreign markets
  • to provide services necessary for keeping our customers in the domestic market and foreign markets satisfied by taking their desires into consideration.
  • to continuously improve our quality and ensure the development of our company with the participation of all our employees
  • to increase the quality of our products and services in compliance with national and international standards and legal requirements
Our fundamental principles that we will apply to ensure quality are:
  • to ensure necessary cooperation among all staff.
  • to employ appropriate staff with necessary and desired skills for each department.
  • to provide training for our staff in accordance with the technological developments.
  • peacefully and effectively work by raising the standards of the working environment.
We will continuously improve the effectiveness of the abovementioned policies by providing necessary resources in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and increasing the efficiency of our quality system.

Our Information Security Policy

Being an important supplier for the sectors it serves, Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. Inc. As top management and employees, in order to manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets;

  • Documenting, documenting and continuously improving the effectiveness of our information security management system to meet the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013 standard,
  • Fulfillment of applicable requirements regarding ISMS,
  • Determining the roles regarding current responsibilities and powers for the execution of the Information Security Management System
  • Ensuring that our basic and supportive business activities continue without interruption,
  • Ensuring that information is accessible only by authorized persons and separation of duties,
  • Providing the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of ISMS,
  • Systematic management of risks to information assets,
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations related to Information Security in our country,
  • Close monitoring of technological developments related to Information Security,
  • Being aware of the importance of training, providing all our employees with the necessary training opportunities related to ISMS,
  • We undertake to manage our activities that we implement to support the necessary human resources for ISMS together with our other management systems..

We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization in terms of information security in the industrial kitchen production sector..

In this context, everyone working in our organization and Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. Inc. Our stakeholders, 3rd parties and suppliers who access / have access to information assets are also responsible for complying with our main policy on information security..

Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Bilgeinox is the most prominent company from Turkey that has manufactured deep drawn parts primarily for industrial kitchen sector. Having capacity to process 5000 tons stainless steel per year, company dominates the market. Check our catalog for our product range and more information.