Our Company Bilgeinoxs foundations had layed in 1948, by Ahmet Bilge and Mehmet Bilge, under the name of ‘’ Bilge Çelik’’ and in those years, they have manufactured, cookies, granulated sugar, toys, dish glows and goes with many other products.


In 1958, they have imported their first press machines and welders and started to manufacture Butane Gas Tanks for Likidgaz, Aygaz and Mutfakgaz. They have also manufacture for Tofaş front and back buffers and brake blocks for Chreysler Company.


By the year of 1975, our company become two different companies; one with Sheet Steel Trade company and the other manufacturer of Steel Products.
After this dision ‘’Bilge Metal’’ company has established by Ahmet Bilge and goes on its life by producing more than 300 different stainless steel products, build up distribution points in 6 different parts of Anatolia and become the first company who has made marketing for stainless steel pans to the domestic home use in Turkey.


In 1992, Bilge Metal has made cooperation with Eksen Company and who is the supplier of Arçelik. Also same year, it has started to manufacture GN Containers which are one of the most important items in Industrial Kitchen Equipment Industry.


In 1994, we have started Turkeys first Pressure Cooker manufacturing and 40.000 pieces of cookers has manufactured till the year 2000.


In year 2000, It is so sadly, that we have lost our owner Ahmet Bilge and we are still have the highest respect to his memory today. At same year we add, Industrial Sinks to our product range. And we have a successfully directed to Industrial Kitchen Industry with all our efforts after than.


In 2003 we get the ISO 9001:2000 quality certifications and we have proved that we are capable for quality systems by Managing Side. Till 2008, we add bainmarie wells and sink tops to our range.


In 2009 we have started to manufacture dishwasher tanks for a well known international dishwasher manufacturer Brand, with high standard quality and technology need to produce in use of technique of deep drawing.


By 2011 we have started manufacturing of modular cooking line tops and parts.


In 2013 we have moved to our new manufacturing facility which has been build up on 20 thousand meter square area, with 15 thousand meter square production area.


2014 ‘’Mon Reve’’ residency site building has started on our estate in Bayrampaşa with our partnership.