350 tons of production caacity per month and twice the size of stock of processed standard material (see catalogue). For different thickneses desired than our standard, we are flexible with same conditions of timing as we have many partners who are able to keep stock.


    As Martin Luther King quoted, "When there is a will, there is a way".Our representatives are always reachable 24/7 in order to restore trust and advice on issues questioned.

Partnering up for Fast Solution

    Product range befitted to ease purchasing for manufacturers of specific items (through sector experience, items required for stainless furnishing and machinery are selectively offered).Not only we offer leaner manufacturing for our customers, through which they can achieve cost efficiency, but rather we offer companies to achieve global competence via standard production on our side, at the expense of custom manufacturing for projects by their side. In this sense, our clients will be able to keep their ongoing client base while expanding on value added projects.

Distribution Network

    Exporting over 65 countries,developing partnerships and creating new areas of business via collaboration in the areas expected to serve. Many different dimensions of stainless products may cause stock risk which will be overcame via connecting distributors and manufacturers of those areas involved.

Custom Needs

    Our product range should be enough for your custom needs. However, if any custom design is required to be produced, our know-how and machinery for producing mould will be satisfyingly helpful.

Geographical Location

    As a Turkish manufacturer, we reap the benefits of being in the Customs Free Area of EU, Middle East and North African markets. We obtain the certificates of ISO 9001 and 27001, which the transportation to be free flowing around the globe. Our network of freight forwarders and distributors allow us to solve problems that may occur through different country policies easier for our customers.